Level Cap for ToB?

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7 years ago#1
Just curious as to what the level cap is for ToB, and if that is pretty easy to reach before getting to ToB if you do a lot of side quests. Thanks everyone.
7 years ago#2
Wizards\Druids: 31

Fighters\Barbarians\Rogues\Clerics\Monks: 40

Rangers\Paladins: 34
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7 years ago#3
The cap is 8 million XP. You will never reach that in SoA, even when soloing and doing every single sidequest. With a full party, you'll probably end ToB at 5.5-6 million XP, if you're being thorough.
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7 years ago#4
What is the level cap for SoA? I want to make sure I have the max level once I start ToB
7 years ago#5
With ToB installed it's 8 million as the expansion raises the cap. Without, 3 million.
7 years ago#6
Its actually 2.95m in SoA. The difference of 50000 exp may seem a bit trivial but its the difference between having HLAs and level 9 mage slots. I get over 7m in ToB with a party of 6 as well.
7 years ago#7
Also its been years since I last had SoA installed on its own but I think you still gain exp after hitting the cap so you can level up straight away after installing ToB. Also just for reference once you have ToB installed the SoA exp cap does not apply to SoA any longer and you can reach 8m at any point.
7 years ago#8
I think if you have ToB installed, it raises the level cap, even if you are in SoA. If you just import an SoA character after installing ToB, your exp will be bumped to 3 million, hence the probably immediate level ups you're getting.
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7 years ago#9
creating importing lower level character into ToB sets your experience to 2.5 million not quite the soa cap.

2.95 million as the cap is important because not every class gains a level @ 3 millions (thieves don't iirc)

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There are optimists, and there are pessimists. And then there is Ascalden - Zawkpuppet
7 years ago#10
The first time I played BG2, I didn't even know there was a level cap. I was totally bummed after getting all excited waiting to cast level 9 spells only to discover when I hit the cap that you can't get a mage that high in SoA (I was playing with four characters). However, with ToB installed, the level cap for SoA is effectively gone and you can memorize and cast level 9 spells in SoA. It certainly makes the end game a bit easier.

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