Stats for a Blade?

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User Info: Target_pwns_joo

7 years ago#1
I just got this game and I'm going to make a blade but I don't know how many points I should put in stats. Any help would be appreciated.

User Info: ManiacalFreak

7 years ago#2
Well as a blade you'll be fighting and casting some spells to disable enemies and buff yourself. So here's a breakdown for ya:

STR: 18; or as low as necessary if you want to buy the belt of strength from the adventurer's mart and rely on that.
DEX: 18; no question, this will give you a crucial AC (defense) bonus.
CON: 16; for hit points; only warrior classes get benefits from any more than that.
INT: 18 or as low as necessary; this will help you memorize new spells and let you learn more spells. However, if you play on normal difficulty, then you won't ever fail to scribe a scroll, and even on core difficulty you can drink potions of genius to raise this stat to 24 before you attempt to scribe scrolls. A minimum of 11 is good for any character due to a certain monster that drains this stat and can instantly kill you if it falls to zero.
WIS: 3; pretty useless, will penalize your lore ability (identifies items), which is already penalized by the blade kit, but who cares? Just use the identify spell.
CHA: 15; you may think this is important for a bard, but just take the lowest you can. You'll find a ring that sets this to 18 near the beginning of the game.

18/18/16/18/3/15 is 88 points total, which is a reasonable amount to roll for.

User Info: f4rM

7 years ago#3
Also note: You don't have to min-max to have a fun, playable character.
< o >

User Info: Target_pwns_joo

7 years ago#4
Thank youm ManiacalFreak. Also I wasn't trying to min-max I just didn't want a character with bad stats and can't kill anything because of it.

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