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7 years ago#1

a couple characters got drained by vampires and now my gf (the one playing the game) says her characters lost alot of health and they cant use their level 4 5 and 6 spells, how would she get rid of this effect? thanks in advance

7 years ago#2
Cast the spell Lesser Restoration, level four cleric spell, or buyable in a temple for a small fee. This will remove any and all levels drained from the selected character.

The spell, Negative Plane Protection, also a level four cleric spell, will temporaily and briefly protect the target from the level drain affliction, a very useful spell to cast on your spell-warriors, like Kensages, and Cleric/Fighters.

Also, the Amulet of Power, obtained by siding with the Shadow Thieves in chapter two, will grant NPP to whoever wears it. Unfortunately, only mages, clerics, druids, bards, and any class that combines those classes, such as fighter/mage or thief/cleric, can use it.
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7 years ago#3
Also, if you have a Berserker or Barbarian in your party, their Rage abilities will provide them (among other stuff) immunity to level drain for a short while. A few items will also provide immunity to level drain as long as they are equipped.

For dealing with vampires, you basically want to protect one or two frontliners from level drain and have them tank the vampires while your unprotected members stay well back. Once your cleric is of a high level, turn undead can simply blow them up, so vampires become much less of an issue.
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7 years ago#4
Prot. from magic weapons does the trick too, though only for a few rounds.
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7 years ago#5
Get the mace of disruption +5 and the amulet of power to get 2 people protection from level drain.

Generally speaking Minsc, equipped with the Mace of disruption +5 (gotten from taking the mace +4 from bodhi's lair and the illium ore from sir sarles quest and killing Neb in the bridge district and fusing them with cromwell's forge in the docks)
and Belm (Druid grove Tower south of the Rakashaa) or Kundane (Bard's quest Planar Prison area first Guard, with some decent armor and a Minsc type character should be able to defeat most level draining undead.

Aiding him with a group of summons (animate dead is what I like to use cuz they are immune to alot of things) to draw enemy fire mostly. and the haste spell. and his armor of faith spell I suppose.

And the ammulet of power gotten from aran linveil one way or the other, which I give to my Fighter/Cleric PC using the flail of ages and defender of eastwick, buffed with periodic Draw upon holy might, armor of faith, and if need righetous magic

But yeah, Minsc with Mace of Disruption +5, Kundane, Haste and armor of faith is the answer to your vampire problems.
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7 years ago#6
Or you could just head to a temple to heal those levels drained.
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7 years ago#7
Level drain is a real pain, yes - the ways to deal with it are the Improved Mace of Disruption (illithium from questing in Temple district, Mace of Disruption from the crypts in chapter 3), Amulet of Power (you'll get this in chapter 3, but it's kinda a caster thing. Great for Kensages!), Runehammer (which you get just as the game runs out of undead to throw at you -_-) and intelligent formation using (only your NPP'd characters should be attackable). This should prevent level drain from ever affecting you.

Of course, you're going to fluff it every now and then, so to undo level drain you need Lesser/Greater Restoration. You can get scrolls with it, or any cleric-type caster with access to level 4 spells can cast it (meaning Clerics, Cleric kits, and Paladins that aren't Inquisitors and are of a sufficiently high level). Some summons can even cast restoration, but they're level 10 summons. Also there's some equipment which can cast Restoration (upgraded Hindo's Doom), but, uh, that's kinda really really far ahead.
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7 years ago#8
Also there's some equipment which can cast Restoration (upgraded Hindo's Doom), but, uh, that's kinda really really far ahead.

By the time you pick up Hindo's Doom, is there even any enemies that can hit you for level drain?
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7 years ago#9
I think so... There's some vampiric mist or something?

Or maybe a solitary vampire in Sendai's zone?

In any case it's not really a major concern by that point.
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7 years ago#10
I think so... There's some vampiric mist or something?

Or maybe a solitary vampire in Sendai's zone?

It's just strange. Hindo's Doom is a +4 katana that is very ahndy for anyone specializing in them, but it has some worthless additions. Doesn't it also do some base electricity damage too? Sure, a little better, but at least even these things out a bit
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