Cheats not working with windows 7

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User Info: bkresge

6 years ago#1
I have played this game a million times, on different versions of windows. This is my favorite game of all time, and I have decided to play it yet again, since I have gotten sick of people on WOW. However, yes i am lazy and want to play with the cheats. I added the debug mode in the .ini file, which was no small task, due to the security measures on the new windows. I am coming to the problem when i try to bring up the cluaconsole. When i press space/ctrl all it does is pause. Is there anything i am doing wrong, or can do to fix this?

User Info: mrolympia78

6 years ago#2
I have the same exact problem with windows 7 and cheats. hope you have an old computer to play it on, that's what I do. I just keep an old PC to play the baldur's gate saga on.
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User Info: goldenmouth

6 years ago#3
There is a simple solution for the TC's issue which can be found with a search engine, called Google.

I'm using Win7 and I've got no problems with my console coming up - because I know about Google.

Anyway, about using an old computer for old games and a new computer for new games, it makes sense doesn't it?

You could tweak and mod the hell out of your game to get it working, but why bother?

Another way, a way I have grown to love, is called virtualisation, and it enables me to run several operating systems from the one install, from the lowest-brow stuff like Windows95 to the highest-brow Linux.

I mean, imagine playing BG1 and Planescape glitch-free, without mods, under the O.S with the APIs and drivers they were designed for?
Imagine playing Fallout like that!

Virtualisation is the key. Virtualisation.

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