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4 years ago#1
My friend and I are about to start playing though BG1&2 with tutu and was wondering what would be a good 2 man team class wise?

I was thinking a fighter cleric MC with a half-orc would a mage thief compliment well is it better to dual class or multiclass?

What are some mods we may need or want besides tutu to improve all around game play experience?
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4 years ago#2
I would suggest the bg2 tweaks mod for sure it has things you may want like avatar morphing script, wear protection items with other enchanted protection items and armor etc etc true grand mastery and multiclass/dual class grandmastery.

Maybe use the xp cap removal component of it for both games and have your mage/thief be a fighter/mage/thief instead for better combat and weapon selection if you want to but if you don't want xp cap removal mage/thief is fine but if dual class start as thief till detect traps and lock picks are at 100 before dual class and as for the fighter/cleric I would say multiclass.

There's a cut content bhallspawn powers mod you may want and I suggest official bonus merchants from collectors disc both for bg2 you don't have that already. Oh and you may want to make or find a mod that allows multiclass or dual class clerics to use weapons of their non cleric class
4 years ago#3
Mage/thief (a gnome is nice if you can live without skull trap/animate dead/Horrid Wilting, decent spread of basic thief skills and 1 extra spell per spell level, can naturally hit 19 int, nice but not really needed), fighter/cleric is fine (though a dwarf would probably be better for the ludicrous bonus to saves, the half-orcs extra str can be replaced before the end of BG1 and you'll be easily able to hit 25 str/dex/con with DUHM by early to mid BG2, unless of course you're just dead set on a half-orc). I'd recommend multi as they'll be extremely powerful in BG2 and you won't be spending all of BG1 as a single class. Would not recommend xp removers though...they make the game boring.
4 years ago#4
I have read several places that a ranger/cleric is potentially better than fighter cleric due to druid spells as well. Is this only due to the fact that grandmastery was nerfed?
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4 years ago#5
Mr_Timmykins posted...
I have read several places that a ranger/cleric is potentially better than fighter cleric due to druid spells as well. Is this only due to the fact that grandmastery was nerfed?

Yeah that's a good choice too if you don't wish to use bg2's true grandmastery and multiclass/dualclass grandmastery components and you like playing good aligned characters like me :3 I favor Paladins especially Cavalier kit on my mc
4 years ago#6
Okay another question,

Which set-up would be better A fighter/thief and cleric/mage or a ranger/cleric (or fighter/cleric) and mage/thief?

Also dual vs multi input would be appreciated.
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4 years ago#7
would probably suggest a party with two casters because then you are less likely to be annoying the other guy constantly needing to rest.

so we got a fighter/cleric + Swash dualed to mage I would expect.
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4 years ago#8
If you were swashbuckler -> Mage what level would you dual? What level do you start to get HLA's?
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4 years ago#9
You start to get HLA's every level after you get past 3 million experience. So for your fighter/cleric multi class you will get HLA's after each class gets 1.5 million experience, and for the 3 class multiclasses (Fighter/Mage/Thief and Fighter/Mage/Cleric) after you get past 1 million experience

For dual classes, the experience you reach before the dual does not count either. So if you get your swashbuckler to 1 million experience and then dual, you will still need to get to 3 million experience with your mage before HLA's kick in

For your swashbuckler, you will want to dual when you are happy with your thieving skills. Since they can't backstab and mages has so many invisibility spells, you can pretty much ignore hide in shadows and move silently. You also won't be getting the super powerful HLA traps, so set traps can be ignored too. Get Find Traps and Open Locks to 100, and then dual over to mage (which shouldn't take too long tbh)
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4 years ago#10
And detect illusion to 100. Save some spells slots for better things. At 100 it takes like 2 seconds to completely remove all illusion spells on the screen and just requires toggling your find traps on for a few seconds. MUCH quicker then casting an invisibility puring spell and is brutally effective against invisibility spammers and can be used while invisible without revealing you.

Though I'd still recommend mage/thief. A swashy just doesn't add enough in my opinion to be worth it and a multi will get use any item, which, you'll have a bunch of extraneous gear floating around, might as well be able to put it to use. And backstabs are brutal openers that can greatly simplify some fights by removing mages or clerics before it even begins proper. Traps are also quite nice (the 21+ ones can potentially cause instant death, in addition to some hefty damage and DoT), scout ahead, if you don't think you can handle it, walk back a bit, drop a trap or two, BS the target that it'll serve the best use of (removing mages or softening a heavy hitter) and lead them back into the snares, boom, dead or highly damaged, debilitated enemies that will have a hard time doing anything for several rounds of damage ticks. And of course epic traps are just plain mean...

While the ranger/cleric is better then a F/C strictly speaking, it's only because of an engine exploit that allows them to use druid spells they're not supposed to get. The race and alignment restrictions are also annoying, and rangers level up more slowly then fighters (minor, but it's there, and you'll end up with more HLA as a F/C)

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