One of The Best Games of It's Time

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User Info: Onion_Master

4 years ago#1
It deserves a spot in the top 10. Glad GameFAQs finally got something right.
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User Info: Riggs

4 years ago#2
Long Live Robofish!
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User Info: 1337ozPWNSTEAK

4 years ago#3
Riggs posted...
Long Live Robofish!

Frickin hated that bowl-headed turd smuggler when it came to fisticuffs. Being so short made him harder to hit during a panty raid. R108 all the way, foolz.
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User Info: Deathclutch84

4 years ago#4
This game was awesome for its time. I wish they would release it on the psn though im sure there would be no online but it would still be a good couch game with friends.
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