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State Your Favorite US President Here

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4 years ago#51
William McKinley
then Theodore Roosevelt
I will not change this until WWE brings back the KOTR PPV. Started 2-1-10
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4 years ago#52
Ronald Reagan, the champion of the free world and liberator of the oppressed that brought down the iron curtain and slayed Soviet communism.

He supported our troops. He fought against terrorists. He pushed back socialist bias in Hollywood. He also proved supply-side economics works.

He inspired Marco Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants that recognizes the danger of setting the precedent that the government should be in control of the private sector and control a man's working place, working conditions, and wage. The ideology his family escaped in communist cuba has killed over 160 million people world-wide and has decreased the quality of life of at least a billion others mostly in Asia and left parts of Latin America and Africa in shambles.

We should have the freedom to decide whether we keep our current healthcare plans or not. Reagan understood this and fought against socialized medicine over public radio:
Democracy is non-negotiable.
4 years ago#53
^Ronald Reagan is pretty awesome.

Have you read his autobiography? It's very interesting.
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