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So, are social security checks being delayed next week?

#1SaxonPosted 7/28/2011 7:19:36 PM(edited)
I can't imagine the chaos that will ensue when the millions of social security recipients go to the mail box next Wednesday and see nothing but bills and no check. It'll have a trickle down effect throughout the economy with every business feeling the pinch especially places like Wal-Mart that get most people's money via grocery shopping for the month.

#2Blink of an eyePosted 7/28/2011 7:23:03 PM
Saxon posted...
I can't imagine the chaos that will ensue

That's why it won't happen.
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#3LuigisBroPosted 7/28/2011 7:24:56 PM
seniors voted for the Tea Party so they're getting what they deserve
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