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C/D: Party politics do more harm than good.

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5 years ago#11
C: the notion that we need to have parties is ridiculous and it would appear that a child came up with it because somehow it's easier for idiots to decide if they can generalize a candidate in one broad stroke instead of actually listening to their views and making an informed opinion.... That would be too difficult.

The idea isn't terrible in principle but when you've let factions get so large that it pushes out other opinions all you've got are two hive minds locked in a stalemate forever...
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5 years ago#12
Well considering that many of our founding fathers even warned us about 'factions' and party politics should give us a clue about how detrimental it is but like the idiot 'Amuricans' we are, we tend to ignore history and end up repeating it in the grand scheme of things. So it's a big 'ol C from me.
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5 years ago#13

Its a response to voter apathy really. With parties you give them an easy way to pick a candidate that doesn't involve heavy research or just listening to campaign ads.
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