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Hank Williams writes a butthurt country diss track aimed at Obama/MNF

#1CapoMafiaPosted 10/10/2011 6:36:03 PM

I am a MENACE to your worldwide, mad, deadly Communist Gangster Computer God!
#2shaolin11Posted 10/10/2011 6:40:29 PM
Hank Williams Jr. writing a diss track about Obama would be like Teddy Roosevelt eating a fart.
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#3Brett8Posted 10/10/2011 7:01:28 PM
Hah. If I didn't know he was a moron to begin with, I knew he was once he tried to criticize his dismissal as against "freedom of speech." Apparently it's also freedom from free private response.
#4First_PrimePosted 10/10/2011 7:42:30 PM
Hank Williams Jr has nothing going for him besides his father's name. Somehow he managed to get paid a lot for being Hank Williams Sr's son. And to make matters more pathetic, Hank Williams III is more talented than him too. No amount of money will change that.
#5ablegatorPosted 10/10/2011 7:46:41 PM
I'm sure this is a relief to all the people still feeling the effects of the Bush recession.
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#6battouryePosted 10/10/2011 10:25:30 PM
Haha, allow me to post that crawling in my skin vid---

Oh god I just read the comments. WHY DO I DO THIS?
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