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Routine flood insurance bill held up by Rand Paul (personhood amendment)

#11Omnipotent_CowPosted 6/26/2012 8:08:58 PM
'Cus hate just can't contain itself into its own bills, it has to spill over to the rest of them.
#12dirtyarmenianPosted 6/26/2012 8:13:01 PM
These people should've been smarter than to live in a flood zone. The solution is easy; get a new job and move.
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#13Azalea9XPosted 6/26/2012 8:16:57 PM
**** Rand Paul. Ron Paul would never do something like this. I think Ron Paul should disassociate himself with anything his son does.
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#14DRAGON07891230Posted 6/26/2012 11:07:42 PM
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#15sfcalimariPosted 6/26/2012 11:33:15 PM
From: GreenTreeClub | #007
I don't live in a flood prone area.

ITT you don't live in Miami

And the money I get in food stamps/financial aid I consider them as reparations.

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#16MandaloriaPosted 6/27/2012 12:06:18 AM
Heineken14 posted...
And according to my ass: pooooooot


Funniest response I've read in a long, long time.
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#17JamesB0ndOO7Posted 6/27/2012 1:35:31 AM
From: GreenTreeClub | #007

According to Ayn rand:

The recipient of a public scholarship is morally justified only so long as he regards it as restitution and opposes all forms of welfare statism. Those who advocate public scholarships, have no right to them; those who oppose them, have. If this sounds like a paradox, the fault lies in the moral contradictions of welfare statism, not in its victims.

Oh no! Our government provides us clean water and roads! THE HORROR!!!1111
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#18MiasthmaticPosted 6/27/2012 5:33:16 AM
GreenTreeClub posted...
First, why should we have a flood insurance bill? Why do I have to pay for other people's decisions?

Why should we have taxpayer funded police and firefighters? Why should I pay because someone left their door unlocked or their iron turned on?
#19EvilTrashPosted 6/27/2012 6:50:55 AM
I haven't thought this through entirely, but why can't we have some kind of "Scope" attribute at the beginning of each bill and a law that says only amendments that fall within the scope can be added to the bill?
#20Zero_DestroyerPosted 6/27/2012 9:00:00 AM
dirtyarmenian posted...
These people should've been smarter than to live in a flood zone. The solution is easy; get a new job and move.

Do you know how much of the f***ing south is a flood zone (WAAAYYY beyond coastal zones, I must add) or are you not being serious?
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