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Remember The Girl Who Carved Some Anti-McCain Thing Into Her Face?

#11PatPunchhardPosted 3/11/2013 10:04:22 PM
1you4becky2stan posted...
goatthief posted...
PatPunchhard posted...
Mistaking a girl carving a pro-Obama thing into her own face for a girl carving an anti-McCain thing into her own face is hardly some massive mistake. They're pretty much the same thing.

False, and you are being intentionally dishonest with this post. The girl claimed she was attacked by an anti-Obama protester and was a Republican. Don't try to dump your dumb filth on us.

Btw Waxhaw still needs to eat his boxers.

She claimed she was attacked for supporting McCain. She could have carved something pro-Obama or anti-McCain into her face to blame an Obama supporter.

Exactly. I don't know where people's issues are coming from. Do they not understand what pro- and anti- mean? Someone who manufactures a hate crime (the theme of the show) by carving an anti-McCain thing into their own face would be doing the exact same thing as the girl did, especially considering the election was between Obama and McCain so anything anti-McCain would essentially be pro-Obama. Are people really this up in arms about semantics or are they just dense and don't understand that those two things are the same?