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What "standing your ground" looks like in reality:

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3 years ago#61
YouAreCrumbs posted...
I've noticed that almost every time Redcount brings up rape, he talks about a college girl being dragged into the bushes. It's starting to seem more like a fantasy than a fear.

This and it's creepy. Ditto with people who enjoy Trayvon's murder or the fact that grown man chased down a child to murder him.
3 years ago#62
3 years ago#63
Didn't read the whole topic but this guy is an example of why we need guns to defend ourselves. He's nuts. I hope they throw the book at him.
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3 years ago#64
82xeno literally arguing against being able to defend yourself. He is either a troll or criminal.
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3 years ago#65
itcheyness posted...
From: SaikyoStyle | #059
Zero_Destroyer posted...
Actionrat posted...
ImperialDragon posted...
Never understood the "real men fight with their hands" crap. Real men, real humans, use tools to offset their weaknesses and enhance their capabilities.

If you start a fight with your hands, you're a scumbag if you finish it with a gun.


Not at all. Honor codes in fights are bull****, it's the circumstances about the fight that makes this charged guy a scumbag.

Maybe that's another problem with our culture. Not enough people conduct themselves with honor.

You mean not enough people abide by Bushido?

Honor in general, not necessarily warrior's honor.
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