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3 murder charges against Pa. abortion doc tossed(Dr. Kermit Gosnell).... Why?

#31FunWithAFryPanPosted 4/24/2013 5:14:46 PM
fudrick posted...
atmasabr posted...
I don't agree with the above moderation, much as I refuse to engage the point fudrick made directly.

Thanks. I asked for a clarification on the dispute form. If it was considered trolling I would be more inclined to understand, as I could see someone interpreting my post as trolling abortion supporters (though that wasn't the intention, of course), but they're calling it offensive. I thought the offensive label was generally applied to actual inflammatory rhetoric, and not opinions which some may find distasteful but which are outlined in a civil manner.

The mods don't care if people troll the hell out of everyone, but they've been a little testy lately when it comes to posts like yours. I had a similarly idiotic moderation last week about something not even all that offensive that came with a 10 karma loss and a warning.
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