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Top Netanyahu aide: Boston bombings are good for Israel.

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It isn't like they are wrong, stupid as hell for saying it so bluntly and out loud, but not wrong.

So in conclusion: Israel supports terrorist attacks against the United States.

With "friends" like these, who needs enemies?

You got a point there. Is there any case to be made that Israel currently is not more trouble that it's worth?

Considering Israel warned the US of 9/11, it's pretty safe to say that Israel doesn't "support terrorist attacks against the US."

And he's used the "With friends like these" saying before as well. And look where it landed him.

Where did it land me? To a poor damage-control attempt by a Zionist shill? Lmao

There were several Mossad agents who were arrested that day who later admitted to being there to "record the event". If Israel was so concerned about 9/11, those spies would have actually, you know, attempted to stop it by alerting US authorities instead of gleefully reacting and drawing so much attention that they got the locals suspicious which led to their arrests by investigating police.

Netanyahu's quote makes perfect sense.
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And when I get that feeling, I want REXual healing.