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Journalist who outed General McChrystal dies in car crash

#21twitterfriendsPosted 6/19/2013 8:48:23 PM
PhoenixWroggi posted...
Can't tell if the peopl in this thread, includnig the TC, who are insinuating that he was murdered by the government are doing some sort of elaborate immitation of conspiracy theorists or if they're actually dumb enough to be serious.

The ironic thing is that you sound very dumb right now.
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#22PhoenixWroggiPosted 6/19/2013 8:56:42 PM
Twitterfriends called me dumb. Isn't that like being called a horrible person by Robert Mugabe?
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#23GoldicePosted 6/19/2013 8:59:17 PM
Yeah...uh he died in a car crash at 425 am and, at the time was paranoid (potentially rightfully so) and potentially distressed. Just saying that nothing seems odd here.

Especially risking political capital to kill someone who is harmless in the grand scheme of things.
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