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UVA student jailed for possession of bottled water, ice cream

#31The Green GoblinPosted 7/1/2013 12:38:14 PM
AcidRedux posted...
Cunningly wearing plainclothes ...? Certainly cunning if your ultimate priority is incarcerating youths for behavior that is not inherently more irresponsible than older persons doing the same, rather than encouraging them to reconsider their immediate actions. If you think you can accomplish more than the latter, you're a self-contradicting fool.

Yes, youth tends to go hand in hand with a limited ability to measure risk and think about future consequences... so then you go ahead and attempt to discourage drinking by laying down heavy-handed punishments and expecting them to measure the risk of their actions and think about future consequences? Either they're capable of doing so and they're ready to drink, or they're not and you're unnecessarily destroying lives in the name of protecting them from themselves.

Their actions seem to be more in line with wanting to incarcerate, rather than wanting to deter. And I think that's a big problem. If they really wanted to curb this, have officers in actual UNIFORMS in front of the store. if someone is suspected of getting booze illegally, they'll have even more incentive to see that the individual approaching them is a member of authority. And it would probably deter underage buyers outright.
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