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A Canadian perspective on U.S. politics

#1Irvy_and_SelphyPosted 7/18/2013 2:15:59 PM
I just wanted to say: I love U.S. politics! Because it's just so ridiculous, on so many levels! There's just so many crazy things said by GOP politicians and other political figures, it's just make someone from the outside roll on floor laughting! :p

You know, like gay marriage will destroy society (because Canadian society is so in trouble right now, right? lol). Or on similar topic, that the hurricanes that hit the U.S. every year are God punishing the U.S for gay marriage... since only 20% of the country allows it, unlike others who allow them country-wide and don't suffer from environmental disaster. Bachmann's comment that CO2 is a harmless gas (so I guess trying to commit suicide by locking yourself in your garage with the car on would never work! :P). Or just global warming-deniers: You wouldn't see that in Canada! Or passing anti-Sharia laws... 'cause yeah, Sharia laws are soooo coming to your country, right? Or the idea that free health-care is a bad thing! Who in their right mind would believe that people should endebt themselves for staying alive? Well, in the U.S. apparently! Teaching creationism as a science, also, only the U.S. seems to believe this is a good idea!

This is just a small list of what the United States debate on that makes it look so crazy, from a Canadian perspective. I could really go on and on! Canadians know creationism is a myth, they enjoy free healthcare, gay marriage is accepted accross the whole country, they welcome people from every cultures. And guess what: We're doing absolutely fine!

Now, of course, this brings up a liberal vs conservatives debate. In small part it's the point. It's just another argument here Conservatives seems to always argue that all the things liberals fight for, be gay marriage or free health care or stricter gun control, etc., that would destroy the U.S.. Yet you look at other countries in which the liberals already won those fight (if fight there were to begin), and it's still standing, statistically doing better than the U.S. even! Why is that, I wonder?
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