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ITT I openly answer questions about Christianity according to Calvinism.

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5 years ago#31
So mass murder of innocents is ok

Innocents ? Which of them were without sin ?
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(message deleted)
5 years ago#33
I'm going to put as politely as I know how... so, here goes.

I don't what it is with you lately, but, frankly, I'm sick of it. You stalk me and sarcastically respond to my topics (most of which have nothing to do with religion),

I don't stalk you. I post in topics that you make because they come up on the topic list and usually have quite a few posts in them. I also notice them more because of the friend request which YOU sent me that causes them to be highlighted in bright yellow. I'm also not sarcastic. I tell you what I think. For example (and I'm assuming this is what you're referring to), it's not my fault if you get pissy about me asking you how you personally reconcile posting half-naked pictures of your wife on LUE with being one of the resident outspoken Christians on the board. I wasn't even necessarily criticising you, I was just asking you, purely out of curiosity, whether you thought it was okay or if you had to engage in a degree of doublethink to do so.

while taking jabs and making fun of my denomination.

I don't think I have ever made fun of your "denomination", especially since your denomination is Baptist, not Calvinist. However, I have also never "made fun" of you for being a Calvinist, I have just told you, often in response to questions, why I believe that Calvinism is incorrect and also, as was the case here, that your beliefs as you profess them don't even seem to line up with historical Calvinism but seem closer to Jansenism as you claim to believe in a form of infused righteousness rather than imputed righteousness. Now, hedonist gave me a reason to reassess that statement, but the fact still stands that from what you have said to me, you don't actually appear to be in line with the tenets of Calvinism that are implied by the five points. I also don't see why you think I'm engaging in frivilous point scoring rather than actually engaging with what you're saying, but I'm more than happy to archive the topic where we had our extended conversation, post it up here, and allow others to judge it on its own merits.

I don't know if you think it's funny, but we've had this conversation before, and you have been most disrespectful. Moreover, there was a large part of our last topic dedicated to NOT TELLING me what I believe, and yet, you continue to do it here unprovoked.

I simply said that you do not (or at least claim not) to believe in imputed righteousness and penal substitution (and neither do I), and that from where I was seeing things, your professed belief in infused righteousness appears to be more Jansenist than it is Calvinist. If you want to whine about how I'm "telling you what you believe" though, perhaps you could do us all a favour and actually expound properly on just what the **** it is that you DO actually believe rather than making vague statements and crying and claiming persecution when someone asks you to actually explain what you're saying. Like I said, I'll post up the ATTN topic I made for you on LUE and anyone here who is interested can judge it for themselves.

So, I'll be ignoring you from here on.

Taste the fountain of immortality.
5 years ago#34
Haha, dude, when did you delete me off of Facebook? Did calling you a Jansenist seriously shake you up that badly?
Taste the fountain of immortality.
5 years ago#35
Oh, I see the one you're mad about. Master Ciliander asked you the same question that I did about the pics of your wife that you post in a current topic LUE, and you said:

"MC, I get crap for it a lot.

Meh, it's whatever.

I was a LUEser before I was a Christian. I was a LUEser before I was married. Maybe it's wrong, but I still hold on to parts of who I was. Not saying it's right... it's just part of my posting gimmick."

And I commented saying "I guess God predestined you to do it, so it's not actually your fault."

That was basically just my way of saying that that was a pretty weak excuse.
Taste the fountain of immortality.
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