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I am posting this here because it's about religion and involves computers.

#1JuliaGillardPosted 6/2/2011 8:27:43 AM
I want to get your opinion on the Dead Sea Scrolls. I also want to share an app (how good is it? dunno yet) for iPhone that lets you view the DSS.

I believe that modern Judaism would like to erase the Essenes from history and that is why they partial involvement in the creation of the DSS. It might be that some Essenes lived at Qumran; the entire village was not Essenes.

original post was here btw:
#2RetrotasticPosted 6/2/2011 9:45:42 AM
I see view them as part of a gradual development toward a new religion, in this case Christianity.
#3OrangeWizardPosted 6/2/2011 9:47:47 AM
The only thing I know about the DSS is that it helps the bible's and specifically Isaiah's authenticity to show that nothing has been changed over the years
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#4JuliaGillard(Topic Creator)Posted 6/2/2011 10:07:32 AM
to show that nothing has been changed over the years
How many years is that? 2,000 or more? I'm still learning.
#5Hustle KongPosted 6/2/2011 10:14:54 AM
That app is merely a glossary.
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#6DagorhaPosted 6/2/2011 12:47:26 PM
DSS just show that there hasn't been any serious changes in the OT over the years when it started being written down. Who knows what changed when it went from Oral to written though. Ultimately it is interesting but nothing ground breaking
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