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So I've been thinking about the whole Dungeons and Dragons scare...

#21the final bahamutPosted 6/7/2011 4:31:22 AM
^ I know, I just won a fight the other day, and then *poof* I turned into a Magneto. Sure, I can manipulate magnetism now, but the desire to have an incestous family and wipe out bono sapiens is SUCH a pain.

Demons could use inanimate objects to tempt someone to possession in much the same way that God uses inanimate objects (i.e. pieces of paper with Holy Scripture written on them) to woo someone to salvation. The importance lies not with any particular object, but with whatever relationship it represents.

So an Ouija board could certainly be used to further a sort of "lack of control" mindset that a person might have...that is to say, if someone wants to see if there is another possible source of decision-making (besides themselves) then they could use the board that way. And when they do, they've established the INTENT of creating a RELATIONSHIP with something else (something beyond themselves) in order to receive guidance. Which is the first step on the road to possession: giving up your free will to the control of some other force.

Strictly speaking, it's similar to what the Holy Spirit does to a believer, except that a demon aggressively possesses with intent to own and destroy...the Spirit "indwells" as a welcomed-in guest, with intent to share and nurture and guide.

I definitely think Ouija boards have gained their reputation for good reasons; I do not think that those reasons have anything to do with the way the boards are designed or produced. It has everything to do with the fact that the INTENT of the board is to subtly (or perhaps, blatantly) tempt a person to give up their free will. And when a person does that, someTHING is going to step into place....either demonic or heavenly.

You need to stop getting your info from biblethumbers. you don't ask the spirits to posses you, you ask it to enter a glass and if you like it, you burn it out with a candle.
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#22the_hedonistPosted 6/7/2011 8:06:48 AM(edited)
I've never been into DnD myself, but I have no issues with it. Everyone knows it is fictional. When I starting reading the Harry Potter books, my mom was fairly against it. I explained to her that I knew it wasn't real, and that it really wasn't bad. She eventually came around, and she actually enjoys watching the movies now.

The problem is that a lot of "censorship police" Christians get their information from fundamentalists or fanatics even if they are not fundamentalist themselves, and they are not discerning enough to tell the difference. When I helped my mom to understand that it was harmless, she was all good. People who say things like a Christian shouldn't play DnD or read Harry Potter or play Pokemon tend to be louder than the rest, and by doing so win over a lot of the more gullible Christians who would usually be more moderate on these issues.
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#23The MattinatorPosted 6/7/2011 8:33:08 AM
kozlo100 posted...
I never understood the pokemon deal. I mean, D&D directly deals with sorcery, gods and demons, and all that jazz. Same with the Ouija boards and such. I just don't get what's supposed to be evil and occult about pokemon.

I'd say it has something to do with Pokemon Tower in R/B/Y. I remember it had references to possession, white magic, rituals, etc. I find it a little silly, but that's what I'd put my money on.
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#24MJackMageePosted 6/7/2011 12:47:14 PM
Actually, the problem with pokemon lay in the cockfighting and the "summoning monsters with unnatural power". Most of the people who have problems with this kind of stuff fear them beng desensitizing to the concepts.
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#25Julian_CaesarPosted 6/7/2011 5:05:37 PM
You need to stop getting your info from biblethumbers. you don't ask the spirits to posses you, you ask it to enter a glass and if you like it, you burn it out with a candle.


If this is a reference to something, I'm not getting it. I'm criminally uninformed when it comes to pop culture...
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