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Do you believe in God? vs Does God exist?: Some can't understand the difference.

#221xXxCroNoxXxPosted 7/22/2011 10:00:17 AM
Just because someone's beliefs are part of a subset of A generic mainstream notion does not mean the whole of his specific beliefs are mainstream as well. The part where there's at least one God is mainstream. The part about an an alien named Xenu, is not.

That's not what I asked. Belief in god is not necessarily mainstream in a number of societies. Explain how that would be reconciled with the claim that "atheist" should refer to the broad category of non-mainstream beliefs.

For now, it refers to a specific type of creature. In order to at least communicate, we have to at least come to a common agreement on linguistics.

For now, "atheist" refers to anybody who is inclined to believe that God does not exist. Your definition is used by a far smaller group than mine.

Validity or not, my definition of atheism is inclusive of a set of people that have no label if we were to go by the pidgeonholed definition.

Not really, You'd seem to fit pretty comfortably somewhere on the Dawkins scale as far as I can tell.

Then you would be contradicting your own definition of atheism. Someone who believes that there is no God, must also be part of the subset of people who lack belief in God. Simple logical implication.

That doesn't make any sense at all. I'm not an atheist, so why would I lack belief in God?

Umm, I define atheist as someone who lacks belief in a God. Answering anything but no, would certainly make me an atheist by my own definition.

My mistake. I got the word switched. If you answered yes to the question "do you lack belief in god" then your position and my position are different. If you answered no to the question "do you lack belief in God" then you would not be an atheist by your definition.

Just give up already, You're confusing yourself so much, you can't get even get simple words right.

Cool down.