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Jesus on Walmart receipt

#21CapoMafiaPosted 7/25/2011 1:00:36 PM
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#22OzymandiasIVPosted 7/25/2011 1:09:01 PM
^ Hahahaha!
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#23the final bahamutPosted 7/25/2011 2:05:33 PM
How dare any of you mock the God of my ancestors? Quite clearly this cannot be the Thunderer, as Thor would never demeaning himself by appearing on a receipt. The mj°llner wielder on a piece of paper! Bah! Next you'll claim that The Grey Wolf appeared on a piece of bread, to be consumed by you as he will be by Fenris!?

Clearly, the man in the picture is the unread Rasputin, brought to life by the evil electromage, Nicolai Tesla.
E ys Bahamut! oui risyhc puna sa! Oui uvvaht sa cahcac!!!
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#24TheLesserFaithXPosted 7/25/2011 2:38:25 PM
All bearded people are Jesus.
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#25Wu_ZonghaiPosted 7/25/2011 3:34:37 PM
At night, the trolls crawl out from their bridges to dance under the pale moon.
#26DagorhaPosted 7/25/2011 3:41:16 PM
the final bahamut posted...

Clearly, the man in the picture is the unread Rasputin, brought to life by the evil electromage, Nicolai Tesla.

So what you are trying to say is Judge Doom was resurrected by Jareth the Goblin King? That is so cool it is without words >_>
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#27PatriotwolfPosted 7/26/2011 10:04:57 AM
I think its funny when people say they have seen vision of Jesus. And even if it were a real vision, they could be faked so there is no real way of knowing to begin with
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#28hermanooterPosted 7/26/2011 2:24:59 PM
Oh hell no, how could God and/or Walmart allow what is obviously a blasphemous image of Mohammed to exist?
This kind of blatant, unwarranted Islamophobia makes me want to go down to my local Walmart and start randomly stabbing elderly greeters in the face.
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