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How can God's love be unconditional if it requires the follower to repent and...

#151Barenziah Boy Toy(Topic Creator)Posted 11/25/2012 12:10:05 AM
Still waiting on a response to my post, Systen.
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#152DarkContractorPosted 12/4/2012 1:32:00 AM(edited)
holy crap long topic but I'm just responding to OP.

You're making God's unconditional love mutually exclusive from his unconditional judgment. Would you be okay with Obama sending presidential pardons to all his close friends and loved ones?

You're also acting like God's unconditional love is inherently two way, which is untrue. When we sin we show, in the moment, more love for that sin then we do God.

Hell is representative of our own free will in that we ultimately reject God's love, a relationship with Him. Unconditional doesn't mean God is a rapist who will force you to love Him. But He's always ready, always hoping that you will say yes. Which speaks more of His character, that it really is unconditional or the contrast of God to man would surely skew His respect and love for us. And who besides God could be capable of such an unconditional love, given that?

also worth noting in the black and white 'Hell' painted in this topic when the entire issue is one of the most unclear concepts of the Bible with TONS of debate on it, the fact remains that each and every single one of us have forgiveness available should we choose to accept it that Jesus struggled for us to obtain. Honestly, going to Hell then is just silly.
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