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Any books worth checking out regarding Panentheism?

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4 years ago#1
It's become a pretty big interest in my search to define my own theistic beliefs. I'd like to buy some books to learn more about it, instead of relying on wikipedia articles
4 years ago#2
You'd be hard pressed to find much specifically written on that, especially since panentheism is referred to far less often than pantheism, but I always found the difference between the two was more trivial than not.

You might want to read some books by famous philosophers who were considered pantheists, as well as books on that specifically.

Spinoza is the most obvious, but you might also read some things by Hegel and possibly even good old Aristotle. If you like Eastern religions, Allen Watts comes to mind.

Other noteworthy reads might be some works by Emerson and Thoreau

I would also recommend the book The Harvester by Gene Stratton-Porter

Panentheism is the believe that God is immanent or transcendent within everything, which means that God is also evident in everything. So familiarity with wide variety of sources is a very good idea.
4 years ago#3
Just a thought -
4 years ago#4
I guess that would be the best first step. I'm not that familiar with pantheism in the first place >_> thanks for the suggestions. I have a huge interest in Taoism & Buddhism since they helped shape my current beliefs, so I'll definitely look into Watts. I was wondering if anyone had some website links about Panentheism, I have a friend who's also interested and my only resources were the Wikipedia article and one on

And a last question, I want to know if my own personal belief on God accurately reflects pantheism or panentheism, as it was developed before I knew of those terms. My basic belief is that God is what created life, and that we all have God within us naturally. So it would be a part of all life. I'm not sure where this sits with non-living matter, I don't have any conclusions on that nor do I really have any interest in developing. I believe that, to find God, we have to look within ourselves and other life instead of 'Up', like to some separate entity or divine source above and beyond us.
4 years ago#5
You might also consider that animism of sorts.

I used to consider myself a pantheistic/panentheistic Taoist, and my belief was basically that the "Tao" was the will of God. To some extent that all of reality was God, and that God was evident and within all of reality, and that the inherent nature of that reality, the Tao, was some reflection of God's will.
4 years ago#6
The Perennial Philosophy by Aldous Huxley might suit your interest.
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