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What does the bible have to say about mental illness/disorders

#51kts123Posted 1/29/2013 8:34:26 AM
When Solomon was building the Lord's temple, he didn't sit back and hope the temple would build itself -- he went to the most skilled people in the world and hired them. Solomon's wisdom to build the temple and secure the kingdom was God given, so clearly it was not by Solomon's power the temple was constructed. Nevertheless, he hired expert builders.
#52CdrRoguePosted 1/29/2013 8:39:13 AM
The comparison between electrical fields generated by brains and computers is a bit of a stretch; electromagnetism is an intrinsic property of all matter. It's how our atoms stick together. And electromagnetic fields are generated by the movement of charged particles, that's all. The fact that these fields can be detected is pretty irrelevant, as is the fact that two different brains will produce recognisable brain waves when performing the same activity (note it said moving an arm rather than thinking actual thoughts - it's not surprising that two beings of the same species will have similar or identical brain patterns to move the same limb). Also, our brains create the waves, but they don't act on them, the experiment relied on visual information for that, so I don't see how demons are using them to your advantage in your hypothesis?

Why do you think we're not all put into a coma by the Earth's EM field, which utterly dwarfs all other EM fields that might be created by living beings?
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