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Terror and God.

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3 years ago#11
and then someone punches their pastor in the face for saying they were destined in hell from the beginning.

maybe only happened once in recorded history, but quickly approaching that point myself. HE deserves it!
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3 years ago#12
As for your parents, they're not God. They're fallible human beings. As long as you associate your relationship with them with God, he'll always be a monster to you. What I would have done is seek refuge in God from my parents, not treat them as if they were God himself.
3 years ago#13
Not sure if that was supposed to be a response to me, or just a random comment.
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3 years ago#14
But I realize at the time you were just a child. It would have been impossible for you to make that distinction. You're not a child anymore. You should be able to distinguish between God and your parents now.
3 years ago#15
You should probably see someone for help
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