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Will you check out The Bible on the History Channel this Sunday?

#1zachflashPosted 2/28/2013 3:16:21 PM
See topic title. - Results (62 votes)
Yes, sounds great!
30.65% (19 votes)
Maybe just a sneak peak.
16.13% (10 votes)
Nah. Hollywood and the Bible?
53.23% (33 votes)
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Its made by the creator of Survivor and the actress from Touched by an Angel. Trailer looks pretty sweet. Apparently it will be 10 hours and go from Genesis to Revelation. Still, it will certainly be a challenge to accomplish such an epic task, the bible turned into film.
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#2JonWood007Posted 2/28/2013 3:18:27 PM
Maybe. Depends if it interferes with Fox's animation domination and whether fox is showing new episodes or reruns.
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#3Moorish_IdolPosted 2/28/2013 3:25:21 PM
Not sure if or when we'll get it in my country, but I'll definitely watch it.
#4toxicpiePosted 2/28/2013 4:14:03 PM
I've always wanted something like this! Thanks, TC! =]
Hope they have it in my country. =0
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#5SilviiroPosted 2/28/2013 4:51:29 PM
Is the guy with the crazy hair going to be on it?
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#6FlashOfLightPosted 2/28/2013 5:02:49 PM
I'm obligated to check it out, since it will most likely feature either some blatant, or subtle brainwashing thrown in, with possible hints to try to re-write history. And this, I take just as an educated guess from past experiences based on what that channel has previously put out.
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#7FlashOfLightPosted 2/28/2013 5:28:23 PM
The pictures available on the site, which are in HD, pretty much shows everyone with dirt on their faces. That's either a matter of production problems while filming, or a curious interesting style there chosen by the director.
Never marry a woman before you hear her scream.
#8roduPosted 2/28/2013 7:24:45 PM
No, I will be watching Vikings on the same channel on the same day
#9mercuryinkPosted 2/28/2013 7:35:17 PM
No. The History Channel sucks anymore. You can't even get a decent documentary about the Nazis unless it's someone insisting aliens made contact with them.
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#10FlashOfLightPosted 2/28/2013 7:45:02 PM
Adding aliens to anything brings in the ratings, I guess.
Never marry a woman before you hear her scream.