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Empiricism vs intuition vs revelation

#41ThuggernautzPosted 3/29/2013 12:21:39 PM
Julian_Caesar posted...

That is only true if you assume beforehand that your particular brand of evidence is the only one that can possibly be true. Hence, a priori bias. You assume the truth of your own viewpoint as the "starting point" for examining which viewpoint is more accurate. Not very good argumentation, I assure you.

No, it's simply that our 'brand' of evidence is the only type known and proven to show truth. If you wish to argue that revelation can reveal a truth that observation and evidence can't, then show us an example, and provide a framework for how anyone could possibly determine the truth of the claim without using the normal observation/evidence method. That last part is vitally important, and without a solid way to do that, it simply turns into a whole plethora of claims about absolutely anything possibly being true because it's claimed to be revelatory. Stop skirting around the issue.