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I can't help but notice deconverts read the Bible more than Christians.

#201DarkContractorPosted 5/3/2013 4:10:36 PM
From: kts123 | #200
then can you point out the parts of our logic where our fallacies began (and explain how they're fallacies), please?

It's not so much fallacies, as much as it is an inappropriate allocation of weight to your own reasons. It's the gross over estimation of your own cleverness that I'm criticizing, not the reasons themselves. You know, the whole try-being-more-humble thing. I can assure you, one of these days you'll realize one of your deeply held beliefs was wrong, and it'll be a serious humbling experience for you. You are just as capable of holocaust denial if given the right circumstances. And one good indicator of problematic reasoning is belittling people who differ on the subject.

Now to be clear, I'm more referring to Hunter. I'm more familiar with his lamblasting, I can't as much recall what you yourself have said previously. So you may want to shift my wording as if it were directed at Hunter.

As the prayer goes: "Lord, let my words be gracious. For tomorrow I may have to eat them!"

Of course, my believes and opinions change all the time. You're talking to a man who's gone from atheism to theism back to atheism in less than a year. But I don't really see Hunter doing what you accuse him of doing so, I mean as he said, you haven't even posted the evidence for him to be humbled with yet. I would say Hunter strikes me as stubborn, but I would also say we all need to be stubborn to some degree before conceding a point, lest we be easily deceived. We should not take intellectual humility as an opening to allow in complete falsehoods. All believes ought to be rigorously tested.
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#202OrangeWizardPosted 5/3/2013 6:10:29 PM
From: DarkContractor | #201
You're talking to a man who's gone from atheism to theism back to atheism in less than a year.

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