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Scientists believe the universe may be made supernaturally

#21rick alveradoPosted 6/18/2013 9:21:23 PM
Now I'm no scientist, I'm merely a science-fiction writer, and an amateur one at that, but it seems to me that what they mean by unnatural is unlikely. They seem to be indicating that rather then living in a universe that was likely to have the laws of physics set up the way they are, it's in fact really unlikely, like literally infinitely unlikely, which would seem to indicate one of two things: Either it was designed this way, or there are an infinite amount of universes, and so there are different universes for every possible set of variables. Or it could just mean that there is something we don't yet understand that will answer the questions posed by this experiment.

After all, in science there is no failure. Either you discover what you expected, and rejoice in being right, or you discover what you didn't expect, and rejoice in charting new territory.
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