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What is 263's thoughts on Megachurches?

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User Info: NoTitleRequired

3 years ago#21
Eastsideslinger posted...
Hustle Kong posted...
While I see how they can be useful for some communities, I find them to be incredibly tacky.

I guess my main beef is the seeming focus on the opulence and grandeur of the building as if the building is meant to impress people into faith and all the pomp and ceremony associated with the rituals. Does God really care if you have satin cloths and pure silk robes and drinking the wine from a gem studded chalice made of pure gold?

when do megachurches ever have those

User Info: SSj4Wingzero

3 years ago#22
Most megachurches are evangelical Protestant ones, so I highly doubt they're big into those ritual-type things.
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User Info: Resident Weevil

Resident Weevil
3 years ago#23
What do I think of megachurches? I think they should be burned down and stem cell research facilities should get their land and money.
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User Info: SarahFailin

3 years ago#24
Indifferent. As long as they do not attempt to use the state as a vehicle for imposing their beliefs about the divine or the moral hygiene on anyone, they can do as they like. I think all belief systems which are based on the exclusive salvation or cleanliness or holiness or whateverelse of those who adhere to them are harmful, people have the right to hold them.
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