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Would Satan pretend to be God?

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3 years ago#41
From: Polish_Crusader | #016
Satan cannot cast out satan.

I'm pretty sure he can. I can cast myself out of a building. I'm sure satan can cast himself out of anywhere he can get into.
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3 years ago#42
People can complain about hypotheticals, but the accepted account can easily be considered one as well.
3 years ago#43
Donít let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in Godís temple, proclaiming himself to be God.

- 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4.

I'm not sure who the 'Man of Lawlessness' is, but given Satan's tendency to ripoff God, I wouldn't be surprised if he imitates the Son and incarnates. Eitherway, we can note the usage of capital G when it says "proclaiming himself to be God." So even if Satan isn't the man of lawlessness, someone will claim to be God (big G) and "stand in the temple." I'm not sure what that all may mean exactly, but it sounds like it may be literal. I could also see him claiming to be Love itself, or something along these lines, which is essentially the same, but less easily identified as the Big-G. Since we are also the Temple of the Lord, I imagine this could also be a perverted ideal of God. "Set himself up in the temple [hearts of men] and claim to be God [the manifest nature of God.]" I would say this is essentially the same, but less dramatic for the secular world. The 'God' may not even be identified as supernatural, so I could also see it being a secular belief system. Then again, it may be literal.
3 years ago#44
The Antichrist will come and he will pretend he is God and people will worship him as such. After 3 and a half years he will show his true demonic nature but it will be too late to those who took his mark.

He wants to be God but will fail miserably.
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3 years ago#45
JonWood007 posted...
I think it's theoretically possible given both exist. And being able to tell the difference between the two could be insanely difficult.

It isn't. Specially if you have the Holy Spirit.
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3 years ago#46
Valnor50 posted...
Julian_Caesar posted...
KNessJM posted...
LOL at using scripture to tell the difference. What if Satan wrote the Bible? You'd be playing right into his hands by following his rules.

While an interesting thought, it doesn't make sense theologically/philosophically.

Let's avoid the Bible for the time being. We're a priori defining two roles as "the bad guy" and "the good guy" within the Christian metaphysical worldview (which says the universe began with ex nihilo creation). Now within that worldview, "the good guy" must necessarily be the one from which creation arose***. Thus, as the original Cause, "the good guy" (we usually call God, and I'll use "God" from here out to refer to "the good guy") exists on a completely different level from "the bad guy" (we usually call Satan) and must be more "powerful." Therefore, nothing Satan can do in this universe can be done without God's permission, because if God did NOT give permission then Satan would be restricted from doing it. And by definition, God cannot do anything "wrong" or "sinful", so any actions undertaken by Satan within that permission must have been allowed by God for some greater good.

So throwing the Bible into the mix, we have a document which was purportedly inspired by God, but you suggest could have been written by Satan. Besides the fact that there are umpteen warnings AGAINST Satan in that Bible, there's the aforementioned power issue: by definition, Satan could not have done anything regarding the Bible without God's permission. So any alteration by Satan must have been permitted by God, whose purpose for doing so must be "good" by definition.

Note that we can say "the good guy" is really named Satan, and the point is the same (although this "good Satan" wouldn't be the same being as the one described in the Bible.)

***--The reasoning for this statement is that, if we assume for sake of argument that the universe had an ex nihilo creation, it must also be true that the only "source" for the universe's existence was the pre-existing Creator. So any qualities or "rules" of the universe must agree with that Creator's existence/qualities/etc, simply because there was no other source of qualities/rules that existed. Thus, regardless of whether we know exactly what those "rules" are, it follows logically that a universe created from ex nihilo creation must draw its definition of "good" and "bad" from the Creator alone...and thus the Creator is what defines "good" and anything in opposition is what defines "bad." We call the good creator "God" by convention, but you could call him "Satan" if you really wanted to. The point would remain the same: "good" comes from the Creator alone, because that is where the universe drew "good" from.

But what if the creator decided to be bad instead of good? You're saying that isn't possible?

It isn't possible.
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3 years ago#47
Yes it is.
3 years ago#48
How is it not possible? You have to explain that. And don't say, "Faith."
3 years ago#49
181stCommander posted...
Valnor50 posted...
But what if the creator decided to be bad instead of good? You're saying that isn't possible?

It isn't possible.

No one who helped make Baldur's Gate, KOTOR, or any of numerous other RPGs with morality systems have ever, ever taken anything but the Lawful Good path when playing their game. It is straight up not possible.
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