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Richard Dawkins converted to Christianity, this isn't a joke! Holy cow.

#1kts123Posted 5/29/2014 7:05:13 AM
>____> Well, he's still atheist though.

Richard Dawkins, the prominent atheist and scientist, has admitted that he is a “secular Christian” because he hankers after the nostalgia and traditions of the church.

[ . . . ]

Dawkins claims he was so desperate to fit in at school that he did not join the astronomy club or any other science group for fear of being bullied, and therefore almost missed out on his future career.

“Peer pressure is terribly strong and there are things you should have tried but you don’t because you want to fit in. I was neither a bully, nor was I bullied, but I reproach myself for not having intervened.

“I think there are always paths not taken but if a different path is taken, I think there is a magnetic pull. There is a sort of something that pulls you back to the pathway having taken a fork in the road.”

Dawkins is still top top top of the list of people I'd love to have coffee with.
#2CoyoteTheGreatPosted 5/29/2014 7:43:08 AM
Good, they can have him. Can you guys take Sam Harris too? You didn't get there in time for Hitchens unfortunately.
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#3kts123(Topic Creator)Posted 5/29/2014 8:35:30 AM(edited)
You don't know that, Hitchens expressed some thoughts he might convert "under the pressure and fear of death" after this cancer diagnosis. I hope to see him someday, and we can all laugh about God not existing while Jesus cooks everyone some vegan steaks (everything in heaven is vegan, you see, and for some reason we still cook at BBQ pits. Don't question.)

And that's fine, we now have one of the clearest, most articulate writers alive today. In fact, to celebrate, I just ordered my copy of An Appetite for Wonder from Amazon. Christianity is totally like America used to be -- a melting pot. Send us your Atheists, your Muslims, your Hindus, your Scientologists, your Mormons, and they can all be Christian, too. Best religion ever, suck it!
#4JonWood007Posted 5/29/2014 9:15:23 AM
Secular/cultural christian doesn't mean much. Just means you live in a society that has historically been influenced by christianity. Even most american atheists can be considered culturally christian to some degree.
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#5kozlo100Posted 5/29/2014 11:48:46 AM
Huh, I had no idea that dude spent his early years in Africa.

Anyway, I know the feeling. I don't think I'd call myself a secular Christian, but I do enjoy going to church with my family, and get a kind of comfort from the rituals.
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#6YouAreCrumbsPosted 5/29/2014 12:58:15 PM
kts123 posted...
(everything in heaven is vegan,

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#7Hustle KongPosted 5/29/2014 1:18:43 PM
In your heaven, unnecessary death and suffering is required?
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#8Nitro378Posted 5/29/2014 1:22:37 PM
It doesn't really surprise me considering Dawkins is from pampered upper class family who presumably sent him to a private school with god as a basis, got him into Oxbridge which is an institution that still has 'christ's college' as part of it among others. I mean when he's asked about what moves him he always says something about opera or classical music or something, yuck.
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#9YouAreCrumbsPosted 5/29/2014 1:59:39 PM
Hustle Kong posted...
In your heaven, unnecessary death and suffering is required?

Hey, man, it's Heaven. If God wants to make a cow that doesn't suffer or die when you eat its tasty parts, that's all up to him.

But you can't tell me that there's an eternity of bliss and happiness that doesn't involve well marbled steaks.
We elect Obama and all the capitalists will be executed. This is a legitimate concern of mine. - OMGWTFPIE, 2011
#10kts123(Topic Creator)Posted 5/29/2014 2:14:42 PM(edited)
You guys still don't get it.

Steaks grow on trees in heaven, duh.

Same for bacon.

Which reminds me of a joke, here goes.

Two men were lost in the desert for days, finally dehydration began to set in and the two felt close to death. That's when they saw it come into view -- the bacon tree! The men rubbed their dry eyes, "We must be seeing things!" The tree had all kinds of bacon - Canadian bacon, turkey bacon, plain 'ol bacon, maple bacon, bacon of all kinds. The other nodded. "I'll go investigate, you wait here. It's probably a mirage but who knows."

The first man stayed behind while his friend went ahead. Just as he was about to reach the bacon tree, a gun went off *splat* the noble investigator fell to one knee and called to his friend as he bled "Run! It's not a bacon tree, it's a HAM BUSH!"