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Children's illustrated bibles the only true Bible today? (Archived)Julian_Caesar66/27 10:37AM
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CHRISTIANS -Is a relationship with a man ok as long as there is no sex involved? (Archived)
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EDIFlCATION146/27 6:41AM
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The Pope excommunicates Italian Mafia members. (Archived)
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bsballa09226/26 12:18AM
How did you know the Judeo-Christian God is real? (Archived)
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noble banana436/25 8:30PM
The Sandy Hook shooting: objectively wrong or subjectively wrong? (Poll)
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C_Mat766/25 1:08PM
Why do you believe the Judeo Christian God? (Archived)
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noble banana276/25 9:40AM
Meditation and Spirituality Board (Archived)Percussiologist86/25 9:21AM
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Which sect do the muslim black Americans belong to? (Archived)
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CaptnMurica286/24 3:01AM
Faith without works is dead yet... (Archived)
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boysrus72526/23 9:50PM
What is your religion, or church if you're Christian? (Archived)
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noble banana146/23 4:35PM
What's with God's obsession with killing goats. (Archived)WHERE_MY_GOATS86/23 10:46AM
Religion is a powerful tranquilizer (Archived)King of Inland96/22 8:04PM
Is God the same, just different names? (Archived)noble banana36/22 6:59PM
It seems the only real rational argument for being a believer is self-interest. (Archived)
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Valnor50486/21 11:59AM
Finally getting started on the Tanakh. (Archived)Hustle Kong76/20 7:04PM