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To teach myself photoshop, I'm making a pic of Tupac every day for 100 days. (Archived)Jendell14/6 10:05AM
Small photoshop request if anyone happens to be just a little bit bored (Archived)Xialoh23/25 12:30AM
Help or advice for an image im trying to create (Archived)Crims0nAngel13/13 1:19PM
Photoshop help requested (Archived)RogerTritonHOPE73/11 3:48AM
Is there a Chromebook version of Photoshop? Or anything similar? (Archived)MrXbox360_201513/7 12:26PM
Can someone add a background for this pic (Archived)Ichigo61922/8 5:58AM
I'm really sorry for making a request. Can someone please add a background. (Archived)grehik2441/30 9:20PM
New photo editing software (Archived)Numba1linesmen31/11 8:21PM
well... (Archived)Eagle346112/15 7:35PM
Would somebody please make me a mixtape cover? (Archived)NewportBox100s112/9 6:57PM
Shifting pixels over with arrow keys (Archived)Tanooki_Yoshi110/25 7:24AM
Image request (Archived)RubMyDucky19/9/2014
looking to make a pic more pro (Archived)tehdud17/11/2014
The Nibelheim Chainsaw Massacre (Final Fantasy 7) (Archived)Magnum_Dan16/1/2014
This is an open discussion thread for anyone needing some 3D (Archived)wolf_blitzer8513/4/2014
Need Digital Camera Suggestions - less than $80 (Archived)Addiction31419/17/2013
Cel Shade an image in gimp. (Archived)untrustful19/10/2013
Can someone photoshop a picture of my dead bestfriend so I can make T-shirts?? (Archived)bluhoho35/24/2013
Making a curved/folded fabric texture? (Archived)MichaelJones8414/8/2013
Anyone good at removing layers? (Archived)Hinakuluiau34/7/2013
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