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4 years ago#1
Can you carry over to next year??
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4 years ago#2

See Rule 7.
4 years ago#3
that mcdonald's game is a gimmick :(. only good thing if ever win is free food.
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4 years ago#4
Of course, not every McD's game is little more than a sham. A few years back, I won a slim PS2 from their PSP contest.
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4 years ago#5
It wouldn't do any good even if the pieces did carry over, though: the rare pieces are the same properties every year.
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4 years ago#6

what a scam
4 years ago#7
Free food, I loved the first few days of monopoly at my old job because people would get hyper and stupid and trade free food for certain colors. Hey just because you didn't get both common cards today doesn't mean you aren't going to get them later on...but go ahead and have mine, I'd like the free food.

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