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I've never seen re-animator or return of the living dead.. (Archived)Daemonscharm57/16/2011
When the DEAD drink the BLOOD of the living! (Archived)brain hammer17/15/2011
Can any one identify this movie? (Archived)Twilight_Winter37/15/2011
New Evil Dead movie Announced!!! (Archived)ShadowkhNinja77/14/2011
I watched The Descent 2 last night (Spoilers) (Archived)Piggy_Smalls97/14/2011
has anybody seen the george romeros dead time stories? (Archived)dreamtheater3357/14/2011
Monsters being called "monsters" What really is a "monster" in horror movies? (Archived)SonofMetalGear57/13/2011
Shadows of the Damned (Archived)
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Did anyone else see Deep Blue Sea in the theaters! (Archived)
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John Carpenter's "The Ward" (Archived)AnatomyHorror87/13/2011
Anyone here watch the Guinea Pig films? (Archived)ShadowkhNinja107/13/2011
Let Me In/Let the Right One In is possibly the deepest horror movie I've seen. (Archived)
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Cabin Fever (Archived)
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is netflix worth it for horror movies? (Archived)dreamtheater33107/11/2011
Someone who isn't a xenophobe explain to me why Let Me In sucked... (Archived)spectermaster1467/10/2011
Movie names help please (Archived)
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Some thoughts on the "dressed like a ghost" scene from Halloween (1978) (Archived)Josiah_Revived97/10/2011
They thought they were alone. (Archived)brain hammer27/10/2011
Vampire In Brooklyn. It's not that bad as everyone claims it to be (Archived)SonofMetalGear37/9/2011
are asian horror movies any good? (Archived)
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