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What's your favorite of all the new remakes? (Archived)
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I don't wanna be buried in a pet cemetery (Archived)
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Help Requested: Remembering a movie/show from childhood (Archived)AtomicMenace78/12/2011
Question about the NOES remake...{spoilers} (Archived)Syko_Darksyde28/11/2011
Movie recommendations for HB Fright Night Week 2 (Archived)
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Viewing order for The Puppetmaster series? (Archived)king_gimpy48/9/2011
Need help figuring out this horror (possibly thriller) movie (Archived)betterboulder28/9/2011
Insidious - just watched it tonight. Its actually pretty good. SPOILERs in caseF (Archived)SonofMetalGear98/9/2011
Help with movie name (Archived)Evthean48/9/2011
***Official HB Fright Night week 1 (August 6) topic*** (Archived)
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Identify this movie please (Archived)BellerophonZ48/8/2011
Need help identifying a horror movie (Archived)_Spot_58/7/2011
Which do you prefer? Troma or Full Moon? (Archived)
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8213: Gacy House (Archived)ThaHouse88/6/2011
Got a good year ahaead of us. (Archived)super_mop_man68/6/2011
I need help identifying a horror movie (Archived)SwordofSamson58/5/2011
Any interest in Apollo 18? (Archived)Xipe-Totec58/5/2011
Y2K: Shutdown Detected (Archived)mach2568738/5/2011
Somebody spoil Hurt (2008) for me. (Archived)Aaantlion28/3/2011
ruined my childhood (Archived)
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