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RIP David HessJBirdman13410/9/2011
The Scream TrilogySonofMetalGear910/8/2011
Watched Hellraiser II tonight. Extremely gory and disturbing.
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Why are there mini Jason Voorhees in Super Mario Land 2?ShadowkhNinja910/8/2011
More news on that Chucky/Childs Play videogame!!!ShadowkhNinja610/8/2011
Dracula: Universal vs HammerHerugrim610/7/2011
The only thing I hate about Cannibal Holocaust is <SPOILER>
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is laid to rest 2 worth a rent?dreamtheater33310/7/2011
Most unscary movie that someone you know had an extreme reaction to?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
So Scream 4 came out on video yesterday, any word about a sequel at all?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Time to start killing my queue...
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C/D Books of Blood should become an Anthology series on premium cable.risingangel910/6/2011
Just watched Black Sabbath for the first timeking_gimpy410/6/2011
Anyone know any good ghost stories?wedgeskywalker9210/6/2011
Any good sales this year for Halloween?Atheistatic810/5/2011
TCM's A Night at the Movies: The Horrors of Stephen Kingjoossa310/4/2011
Can someone tell me some...AXELVengeance410/4/2011
Any good horror flicks on NetFlix Instant Stream to last the next 28 days?Gatekeeper999310/4/2011
What I plan on watching this month being October and all.
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***Official HB Fright Night week 8 (September 24) topic*** [anyone can join!!!]ShadowkhNinja1010/3/2011
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