What are you wanting for your next car purchase to be?

#51lubmelubyouPosted 7/20/2012 1:26:18 PM
An early model 3.2 NSX.
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#52ShadowDevilPosted 7/20/2012 2:05:17 PM
What are you wanting for your next car purchase to be?

If everything goes well then I'd want my next purchase to be a Bike, trailer hitch, and a trailer.
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#53Titan44Posted 7/20/2012 7:51:50 PM
Might change 3 years from now, but the CTS-V is definitely on my radar for the time being.
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#54IAmTheOwlishOnePosted 7/21/2012 7:32:36 AM
From: r4X0r | #050
I rode a Speed Triple once. Very, very fun, and it could pop the front wheel pretty easily. I just don't understand why somebody would want one over the tried and true Japanese four cylinder SS.

A lot of it is just to be different. Everybody and their grandparents around here rides a Japanese 4-cylinder supersport, including me.
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#55xsouljahPosted 7/21/2012 8:16:56 PM
I want a Speed Triple . Been looking for a clean Grand Wagoneer or Cutlass 442 as a weekend toy. If it ever came to US soil my modern car purchase would be a TDI Beetle
#56iFryMudkipsPosted 7/21/2012 9:07:18 PM
Acura Legend coupe with a 6 speed - want so bad
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#57leothedrummerPosted 7/22/2012 1:28:36 AM
A BMW 1-series hatch. Probably a 125i.