CyberBaseball - A browser based baseball MMO

#1TroutyBPosted 1/6/2012 6:59:15 PM
Cyberbaseball is a game that, oddly enough, I encountered on accident. Anybody that has followed baseball MMOs in the past has more than likely heard of UBO/RBO. I was following a project hoping to revive UBO when I stumbled upon cyberbaseball. The premise was simple: a strategy based baseball game that you could hop on and off of as you pleased. When I joined there were only 60 registered members spread across 32 teams. However, those 60 members were some of the most dedicated people I've encountered. From the beginning, cyberbaseball was a game that was very welcoming of all newcomers, and I quickly became immersed in the cyberbaseball world. Needless to say, I'm here a month after my joining and only 2 months after the game's creation and I plan to stay with the 200 members currently on.

Enough of my testimonial, you probably want to know about the game right? Upon signing up, you create a player at any position of your choice. You then are thrust into the free agent pool until you decide to sign with a team. There are 3 games simulated per day and seasons span the length of a month, complete with playoffs and regular season awards. You can train your player however you like. If you want to be a slugging left fielder who focuses on hitting bombs, you can do that. If you'd rather be pitcher who focuses on getting ground ball outs, you can do that too. You can interact with your team mates and plan to win pennant races and more. At the end of the season, you can even run for manager of your team, giving you control of your batting lineup and such.

Cyberbaseball has undergone many changes in the past two months, and I personally believe it will only get better. The developers (who have their own team by the way) are very active in chatting with other players, both old and new and assisting with any questions or bugs. Although Cyberbaseball is still very young, it has proven to be a fun way to enjoy baseball even during the winter. The way I see things, the sky is the limit for the folks over at CyberIT.

tl;dr Cyberbaseball: go play it!

p.s. Tell 'em TroutyB sent you!
p.s.s My Daredevils (16-2) still need one more player at 1B!
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