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Looking for an MMO with more complex battle interaction than WoW, GW2, etc.Lheticus3926/26 7:10AM
ESOTU looking for ebonheart guild ps4Maddog3785436/25 8:34AM
Final Fantasy XIV - Recruitment code!! Here's a free Recruit a friend code!vessia6116/18 1:07PM
ESO Guild Recruiting - LAUGHING COFFINSuugieboogie16/16 8:19AM
What is your favorite aspect of MMO games?McGillGaming46/16 4:16AM
ESO Missed 30 day character transfer.jonn7_716/14 10:38PM
Guild Wars 2- Role-Players check this out :) (Archived)surraw15/31 11:24AM
Elder Scrolls Online for PS4 (Archived)avelincoln15/13 9:17PM
From Dark souls (2) to Starwars (Archived)Craig775715/12 5:12PM
Star Wars The Old Republic - Download Stuck At 99.86% (Archived)BellaSwine25/11 1:47AM
Star Wars The Old Republic - Preferred Bunble Worth it? (Archived)BellaSwine15/10 2:56AM
Star Wars The Old Republic - Streaming Glitch (Archived)BellaSwine25/10 1:52AM
Final Fantasy XI final expansion and twilight (Archived)bungiefan54/14 10:25AM
Anyone waiting on Dungeon Fighter Online? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
mana_hero124/10 10:56AM
Controller just as good as mouse and keyboard? (Archived)iLux9753/19 2:07PM
Anyone looking for an oldskool MORPG? Check out Faldon. (Archived)MrBiggg53/14 12:11AM
Should i Start Aion or Tera? (Archived)MishimaBlood33/1 6:43AM
Got a few questions for you guys :) (Archived)Alyhere12/21 12:46PM
I decided to act REALLY CREEPY in-game to see people's reactions. (Archived)Jammku42/16 7:14AM
Anybody here plays Lineage II at the present? (Archived)noble banana12/5 4:58AM
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