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Lucid Dreaming And Sleep Paralysiseiko19911011/27 7:50AM
dreams about a girl I once knew & afterthoughtsHBOSS111/27 7:14AM
So, I dreamed I got punched in my right eye and had to close the eyelidsMegaWentEvil111/26 4:16PM
dream log
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dream I had last nightEskimoBrother211/19 1:42PM
Anybody dream of ghosts?Damaged7911/18 2:16PM
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Dream interpretation pls!?Baki187311/16 11:08PM
I just had a dream so strange I had to post it here, someone please help me out. (Archived)tvmasterdoodles411/13 2:32PM
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just saw this face trying to sleep (Archived)Maninstagnate411/1 3:01PM
I hate when I'm taking a whiz in dreams. (Archived)Ugly Joe510/26 6:44AM
Just wanted to share some dreams here (Archived)
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I've been having dreams that predicted the future. What does it mean? (Archived)TwistedKratos610/19 11:26AM
Had a very strange dream I was living in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse (Archived)Jvaas610/15 3:49PM
Fan Fiction of a dream fan made Van Helsing (Archived)mb32770110/13 5:17PM