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Just wanted to share some dreams here
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dream log
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By age - do you think or feel life is predestined? (Archived)Ghost_Rider418/31 7:59PM
Is this sleep paralysis? (Archived)
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Had the most heart retching dream, serious discussion (with Religion) (Archived)Brandenhead58/24 7:43PM
Some of your most beautiful dreams? (Archived)zachflash38/23 11:13AM
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Do we go into a dream when we die? (Archived)
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Successfully and purposely TRIGGERED sleep paralysis. (Archived)Van_Of_The_Dawn18/9 8:49AM
So I had a dream where I was SSJ Vegeta in the Cell saga (Archived)MikeVicksDogs18/6 3:16PM
Freddy Krueger (Archived)RatB2038/4 12:29AM
Has anyone had any success with using supplements to have vivid/lucid dreams? (Archived)Xero-Apollo38/3 5:16PM
Nightmare I Doodled after Waking up. (Archived)BB mofo37/29 10:46AM
I had a weird dream about Mega Man Legends 3 and iCarly last night. (Archived)Storrac47/19 3:45PM
Weird dream I had (Archived)ROD27/18 10:19PM
Are you a Lucid Dreamer? (Poll)Jacob4671987/17 3:59AM
Advanced Dreamers: What have you done with YOUR Lucid Dreams? (Archived)Jx101017/7 8:00PM
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