I had a feeling inside I can't explain where I was experienced.

#1Gengar10000Posted 12/14/2011 10:17:01 PM
We need to start seeing our dreams beyond our everyday life and tap into them more often by trying to go lucid and stop making sense of different dream meanings. It's pointless. One has to get into the mind of the other to really get the vibe of what they dreamt, and a dream interpreter is not gonna do that. I'm getting sick of all the people here trying to interpret a dream coming out with an explanation that isn't concrete and it's eventually bonkers.

We should dream of what we want. I know that sounds a little ahead of ourselves, but if we all try to go lucid or at least plan out what we want to dream, there will be less lousy interpreters here.
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Sorry, I didn't see this before. My analysis is that you need manic laugh track fetus therapy immediately.
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