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I hate being scared to write.
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Tips for writing first person insanity?The_Milk_Man13610/21 7:21AM
Recommend me some books ABOUT detective stories?Shinra-Army210/20 10:21PM
Any help on symbolism for the Seven Deadly Sins?DK9292410/20 1:41PM
NaNoWriMo Progress Thread
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What's the best way to approach a "man vs himself" type story?
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"To write adverbs is human; to write he said or she said is divine."OverTheEdge963510/19 3:08PM
What the crap is wrong with this sentence!?
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I wrote the first chapter/chunk of my story. Would anyone want to give feedback?lilORANG310/19 2:44AM
The other day I wrote this thing...would like some input about itGoshorai110/18 11:22PM
Least favorite thing a character does?
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Writing Progress Thread
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Where do you brainstorm a story?
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HeroicSomaCruz1410/18 4:26PM
How to format an excerpt of a story within a story?rodman870310/18 10:54AM
Something I wrote a long time ago and may continue...Playstation_007510/17 8:50AM
Post if you've been published (not a pissing contest).Coldmace710/17 6:55AM
How would you go about writing a Slice of Life novel?Unknown_Justice310/16 5:01AM
I bet most of you could get into an MFA.
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OzymandiasIV2110/15 11:04PM
Why would someone write in first-person as opposed to third-person?EclairReturns410/15 4:50PM
How often do you think it would be acceptable to use "said"?
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