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I posted this on another board but thought it'd fit way better here. Either way, feel free to rate my writing style and criticize on what I could improve on - it'd be much appreciated.

I had this pretty disturbing dream the other day. I'll describe it as best I can from what I remember.

I'm walking around in some close confined Silent Hill style apartment. Mainly a deep blue and turquoise color with some white torn moth eaetn drapery on the walls. I take the upstairs to find the bathroom in which there are multiple open doors (maybe 3). I see one of my best and oldest friends, Eddie, sitting on a couch watching TV and I close the door that leads his way. Everything becomes a very teal and bleak contrast-less color. I somehow find myself in a rusty green basement with a little light peering through a window. In the room diamond shaped street signs bear puzzles written on them. I turn at an angle to try and solve the puzzles. I find a solution then walk back upstairs. I'm missing a piece and, unable to find the solution, head out to study on a wooden desk where rest a doctor bearing glasses within a dimly lit, dark and deserted hospital. I have the urge to get some sleep to reach a feeling of safety as I've just delivered a newborn baby. I hold the baby as it falls into pieces (limbs and all) and dies. Then a pair of yellow eyes fly through the hallway, dashing towards me, and a demon presence is heavily sensed (even in a real life personal state). The demon begins to bite my arm at which I struggle to fight back. At this point I wake up from my dream in a crazy sweat.
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You may or may not have seen, but that's in the top 3 for most disturbing dreams I've had.
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I don't really have 'scary' dreams/nightmares anymore. But I keep having these really epic ones where I'm fighting these alien-like creatures in a grand monumental city, flying around at jet-speed and ripping buildings in half to use as baseball bats against them (Damn guy must think he's SUPERMAN). Obviously inspired by a story I've been working on for the last couple of years, as were the past ones...but I can't really remember them that well. They just had a lot to do with unusual atmospheric occurrences where these strange entities are involved and screwing with the fabric of reality and whatnot, causing weird shifts to happen.
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Balzeron posted...

You may or may not have seen, but that's in the top 3 for most disturbing dreams I've had.

Well... that was pretty graphic lol. Nonetheless, a pretty interesting read. I don't know why so many children were dying or what sort of underlying themes and subconscious thoughts might be entailed by the dream but that's kind of disturbing when you think about it. Are you sure you're not a serial killer? <_<
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I think recurring dreams are the most interesting. Or rather, recurring themes. I've never heard of an actual recurring dream where someone had the exact same dream more than once.

My mother has had recurring dreams about an old, white house that is haunted and creepy as hell. What's strange is that her two sisters have also had a very similar dream at least once each, while neither of her two brothers have claimed to have had the dream.

I have quite a few recurring dreams. One dream is that I'm doing something with the military, and I somehow, usually by volunteering, end up back in Basic Training. The dreams always feel so real, though they're utterly ridiculous once I wake up and reflect on them. They also only tend to happen when a drill weekend is coming up and I'm worried about my pt.

I've been having another one recently where I'll be driving, and suddenly the breaks stop working, like there's very little fluid in them. I'll press the break all the way to the floor and barely anything will happen. I always come close to hitting the car in front of me but usually stop just short of it. This one usually happens around when I realize I haven't checked any of the fluids under the hood in a while.

I had a really strange one for a number of years. It happened every summer before starting each new grade in high school (so, from the summer before 9th grade to the summer before 12th grade). I would be walking with someone in my school, heading to class. It was always with different people and different classes, but it was always my school (though often in strange, sometimes cartoonish layouts). I would be heading to class, but my legs would get heavier and heavier with each step. The effort put into moving felt very real. Eventually, the teachers would get upset with me for taking so long and would just leave me out in the hallway, where, eventually, I just wouldn't be able to walk. I don't know what caused this dream, especially since I enjoyed going to school .

Another thing that's weird is that my oldest sister has had that very same dream at least once, one summer when she was in high school. The dream never occurred for me during the school year, and it never happened after 12th grade.

This reminds me of something else I read about JRR Tolkien. He apparently had had some recurring dream for years, before he finally wrote about it in The Silmarillion. Once he wrote about it, he stopped having the dream, though his son, Christopher, apparently also had the same dream at least once.
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I dreamt that I lost my headphones. It was quite a terrible nightmare :|
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I had a dream last year so depressing i woke up and wrote it down straight away (which i dont usually do).

Anyway, the short version:

20ish year old male gets a 20ish year old female pregnant and both families disown them. The baby dies in childbirth and the girl kills herself because of it. There was even a sub plot in there which i've forgotten, but that's the main "plot" i guess.

I have about half a page of notes on it written down somewhere and had intended on writing it, but to be honest i dont particularly want to.

On the flipside though, back in high school i once had a dream that my English teacher was away (that was literally all the dream was), and lo and behold i got to school and he was away.
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Just adding,

I had a dream last night where my ex and I flew up into a hot balloon. An ex I haven't talked to in awhile or anything, but we just ended up a in hot balloon escapade and we were having sex up in that hot balloon, By the end of it, I came. The end.