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READ BEFORE POSTING: Halo PC/CE FAQ & getting Campaign in Custom Edition (Sticky) (Closed)
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The Silent Cartographer: Evolved (Archived)Sage_Of_Ice34/5 6:32AM
Ed here (Archived)somebody33723/28 1:49PM
Favorite trolling methods? (Archived)PappinAce33/10 8:02PM
Halo. (Archived)my_name_is_Ed73/9 6:44PM
Alexworms2 (AKA Nick Cannon) tip of the day #1 (I'm back!) (Archived)alexworms2611/18 7:27PM
*Update* Bungie releases an official updated Master Server! *update* (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Roris0A2610/31 8:04AM
Why do all servers appear offline for me? (Archived)PappinAce610/16 11:44AM
Does the trial still have working net play? (Archived)Darkrobotisback29/7/2014
Any news if this will be published on Steam? (Archived)Ghost-inZeShell77/12/2014
Gamespy is shutting down its online service for all games (Archived)Roris0A54/11/2014
Do people still play this/custom edition online? (Archived)wesker74133/25/2014
"Ah, I am a genius" (343 Guilty Spark) (Archived)peach freak62/25/2014
Does this game still have online servers? (Archived)tombrady3to142/21/2014
How does this compare to Halo:CE-A (360)? (Archived)omanojyaku32/15/2014
Are the servers still up for multiplayer? (Archived)tombrady3to139/29/2013
Question about the game? (Archived)Halfax737/28/2013
Does Halp:Combat Evolved run on Windows 8? (Archived)Aoke_Jccount47/27/2013
Anyone still play online? (Archived)Insanititious65/10/2013
Damn, it's been a while... (Archived)
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