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i just got this (Archived)jinpu1510/28/2010
Does anybody NOT play with only heavy weapons/snipers/no shields? (Archived)
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Multiplayer from the same computer (Archived)
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Where is my profile? (Archived)gladwyn101910/27/2010
**** YEAH! *aAa* made it to the grand finals! (Archived)
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who wants to join my clan the black dragons (Archived)
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Lag/Reticule problems from demo, are they also in the full version? (Archived)
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Rewatched some of RvB (Archived)Jeffolaey710/20/2010
Multiplayer-Chat is nor working? (Archived)Jokerke23410/16/2010
I love it when... (Archived)
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Can people with the game play people playing the online demo? (Archived)spartanmk310/15/2010
Going to watch Lynerd Skynerd (sp?) in 30 minutes.. (Archived)Zeskii510/9/2010
ATTN: Bowsaa (Archived)
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Running on Vista, but not the problem you'd think... (Archived)
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I have alot more respect for alot of people on the Halo Reach board: (Archived)Zeskii109/27/2010
Anyone not gonna use their CD Key on for Halo Reach? (Archived)
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RC Cruz me349/26/2010
halo ce look sensitivity for gamepad (Archived)Ultrakill876x69/24/2010
I had fun today... (Archived)Zeskii59/20/2010
Can my laptop run this (Archived)HALOKRAZY99/18/2010
Just wondering, anyone HD retexture the game and backdrops? (Archived)Sequiro59/18/2010