This service is absolutely terrible.

#1Tekken9292Posted 10/28/2011 2:56:03 AM
The computers they run games on are simply not fit to run new releases.

I bought Deus Ex: HR recently and it is absolutely unplayable.
Graphics seem to be barely set to medium, yet the game runs below 20 frames per second all the time.

And it isn't something with the connection, either. It's very obvious when the connection cuts out, as opposed to the game running at a low framerate.

To confirm my suspicion, I went ahead and subscribed to the playpack for a month, as well as tried out some free trials.
Older games that even your mom's laptop could play were always smooth and fast, while newer games like Just Cause 2, Borderlands, Assasin's Creed and Saint's Row were all extremely choppy, with varying amounts of playability.

Case in point, Dynamic shadows in Borderlands for example are turned off.

Now, I'm not sure what they're trying to accomplish with this. This is a service for people without the proper PC to be able to play games, if they have the internet for it. So then why don't they get computers that can actually play the games at high quality? Or at the very least at a constant 40+ framerate?

With all the 1$ specials, and deals they've had seemingly nonstop, and the whole truckloads of games for $10/month, it seems to me like they've got money to waste. So why not spend it on upgrading their rigs? The hardware RIGHT NOW is already more outdated and insufficient than the PS3/360 are. How do they plan to stay on the market?

Long story short, stay away from OnLive. They have squandered their technology. You will not get a playable game if you're looking to buy something new. At least not if it's an action game.
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