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Do Pokemon go to heaven? (Poll)Ogurisama512/18 9:05PM
Figures VII is in the lead on the PotD.
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KamariaK2412/18 9:04PM
Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev looks awful as he arrived in Court with Girls... (Poll)Full Throttle912/18 9:03PM
one more episode of colbert report left.
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Nade Duck2912/18 9:02PM
Colbert is over :(.That_70s_show312/18 9:01PM
This White Girl believes she's the reason a 17 y/o Black Kid was Lynched!!! (Poll)Full Throttle412/18 8:59PM
Indifference is the opposite of love. C/D. (Poll)davf135212/18 8:59PM
What is your non-alcoholic & alcoholic beverage of choice.
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BigOlePappy3612/18 8:57PM
Why don't we just invade North Korea?
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thedeerzord2312/18 8:56PM
It's cold in the house, my hands are cold and I'm tempted to touch my wife's
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Melon_Master1312/18 8:55PM
I want a Gothic-inspired 18th-19th century party-based isometric RPG....Krow_Incarnate812/18 8:53PM
Will you circumcise your child or no?
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elg3cko1612/18 8:52PM
Okay... so, um... someone teach me about workout supplements.
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raymanfan12012/18 8:50PM
My kids have started watching Chowder...quigonzel912/18 8:46PM
Psychologist decapitates husband, hides chopped body parts around city
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Metro21212/18 8:29PM
Which birthday milestone do you celebrate more? (Poll)
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HealthyLunatic1212/18 8:27PM
I've had it up to here with braindead Facebook postsjamieyello3912/18 8:26PM
I need to start playing more card and board games.slacker03150612/18 8:24PM
Just came out of my mother's wombDmanTee1012/18 8:23PM
My girlfriend's parents found out we had sex.
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Flutershy6812/18 8:23PM